Remix Work

Over the years, DJ Filipe has done many remixes which he uses for his live sets. Here you can find some of his remix work. (There are a lot more to come… So stay tuned!)


Drake ft. Shaggy – Find Your Love (DJ Filipe Remix) (96 BPM)

Wyclef Jean ft. Shakira – The Border (DJ Filipe Remix 2010) (129 BPM)


Flo Rida ft. Ne-Yo – Be On You (DJ Filipe Remix) (82 BPM)


Rihanna ft. Shaggy – Umbrella (DJ Filipe Ragga-Funk Remix) (94 BPM)


Paul Oakenfold ft. Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat (DJ Filipe Remix) (113-126 BPM)

Soler – Intuition (DJ Filipe Funky Groove Remix) (96 BPM)


Soler – Sut Wan” (DJ Filipe Bex Cafe Remix) (108 BPM)